About the Person Centred Approach
Carl Rogers was the founder of the humanistic approach called Person Centred Therapy. His basic philosophy was ‘The core of a man’s nature is essentially positive.’ 1

When we are born we are born congruent, (honest and transparent) as we grow up we are affected by our environment, family, friends, colleagues and peers. This can impact on how we function in our everyday lives. A good way to visualise this is if a plant is in a darkened room; there is a slight gap in the curtains and the light is shining through the gap. The plant will lean towards the light because it has an innate need to grow. If the plant was given the right conditions sunshine, water and attention it could grow to its full potential. If we link this to people the right conditions are known as the core conditions they are:

  • • Empathy walking in someone else’s shoes

  • • Congruence being honest, genuine or transparent

  • • Unconditional Positive Regard being accepting and non-judgemental

As the counsellor I embody these and extend them to you, the clients because with the Person Centred Approach the therapy ‘is the relationship’. You the clients are responsible for fixing and healing self you know what is best for you. I am there to help facilitate that journey of you developing a deeper self-awareness.

1 Carl Rogers 1961 On Becoming a Person, A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy Houghton Mifflin Company, New York