Having been in and out of therapy for over a decade, but never truly finding a therapist or counsellor that challenged me or understood my experience in the way that I needed, meeting Candy was a breath of fresh air. I needed help exploring my gender identity and reclaiming my authentic self after years of pushing it aside in favour of self doubt and a heavily subdued sense of self worth.

Having access to reasonably priced, flexible and LGBTQ+ informed counsellor had been something that I was actively looking for, and I found it in my sessions with Candy. She is knowledgable, kind but firm and unashamedly authentic. All the things that you need to demonstrate how it is possible to find that within yourself. I have felt supported, encouraged and guided throughout my sessions in order to access those parts of myself necessary to overcome my mental ill health and unlock my potential.

Candy has be readily available for those instances where, outside our usual meetings, I have needed her support. Her compassion and flexibility are a testament to her and the support she can provide to those suffering with mental ill health. I have seen Candy for almost two years and now feel fully equipped with the tools needed to face any future hurdles that may come my way. I will not hesitate to see her once again if I feel that I need reminding of those tools or all the hard work that we have done together over the years. It has been very hard work but extremely beneficial and for that I am immeasurably grateful. I would would recommend Candy as a counsellor to all those who need the support.

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